Coffee Collection


Through the years, thousands of patrons have discovered the rich taste of fresh roasted, custom-blended coffees. Now You can, too!

Our suppliers selects only the finest coffee beans from around the world.  Their roastmasters then carefully roast and blend these premier beans to capture the unique qualities of each of these varieties.

Coffee Collection

100% Colombia Supremo: Winey body, rich mellow flavor, creamy taste, the finest of the Colombian Corp., available in both regular and decaffeinated.

100% Colombia Excelso: A full body, balanced acidity, superb taste level and flavor, available regular only.

NuConcept: The finest blend of mild Arabic coffees. Colombian Excelso and the best high ground Central American which gives a full balanced flavor which is a real gourmet treat; available in both regular and decaffeinated, with a very smooth taste.

Café Excelso: A combination of very best beans from South America, Central America and the African Continent. Roasted to a light roast, this blend offers a very fullbody with medium acidity and exceptional finish with overtones of fine wines. Excellent both an early morning coffee or to finish off a fine dinner.

Sultana: A premium blend of select Colombian coffees. Known for its sweet aroma and rich flavor, this smooth, full-bodied coffee.

Horton: From the high mountain grown regions of Colombia and Central America come the rich, mellow flavor of Horton. Its depth and complexity make this blend a favorite.

Decaffeinated: Enjoy rich coffee taste-without the caffeine. We decaffeinated this coffee before roasting so the true coffee flavor comes through in every cup.

Sumatra: Low in acidity, very smooth, syrupy, and thick. It has a hint of earthiness. Sumatra is the world’s most full bodied coffee.

Kenya AA: With wonderfully intense winey flavors, this bright and complex coffee is a famous and always pleasing selection. Having light body and full taste and aroma.

Mocha Java: Assertive flavor reserved for dedicated gourmet coffee lovers

Royal Kona: Like the silent pleasure of a deserted tropical beach… a moment savor

Royal Medallion Variety: (4 each) Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatra, Kenya AA, Mocha Java, Costa RicanTarrazu, Guatemaia Orgaic.

Royal Medallion Flavors: Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, Irish Crème, Chocolate  Macadamia, Chocolate  Raspberry Crème, Swiss Chocolate Almond, Cinnamon Hazelnut, Amaretto, French Vanilla. Also available in a Variety Box.

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