The Bodecker Brewed ® process was designed by an Office Coffee Service operator frustrated by the cost of service calls and parts replacement to maintain current single-cup brewers. The Bodecker Brewed ®system produces perfectly consistent single cups of coffee through a patented process that delivers precise water pressure, temperature and flow rate. The result is uniformity of extraction with true coffee taste and enjoyment.

Bodecker Brewed ® has chosen a filter that contains some cellulose fibers as well as a combination of fibers that create porosity while allowing all the critical properties in coffee to flow through to the cup. The result is unparalleled balance of acidity, aroma and body. A huge benefit is that aluminum is a more superior barrier to oxygen than plastic, thus inhibiting foreign tastes from penetrating into the coffee while maintaining its capability to retain nitrogen to protect the shelf life of the coffee. Our aluminum container has a protective coating similar to that used in soda and beer cans and can be recycled with all consumer-targeted aluminum product.